Thursday, October 25, 2007

Atheists angry over claims that atheists are angry

Greta Christina, an atheist and author of "Paying For It: A Guide by Sex Workers for Their Clients", blogs angrily about claims that atheists are angry people by offering up 50 reasons why she's angry and why "atheist anger" is important to society.

"Because anger has driven every major movement for social change in this country, and probably in the world. The labor movement, the civil rights movement, the women's suffrage movement, the modern feminist movement, the gay rights movement, the anti-war movement in the Sixties, the anti-war movement today, you name it... all of them have had, as a major driving force, a tremendous amount of anger. Anger over injustice, anger over mistreatment and brutality, anger over helplessness."

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Michael said...

I love your headline. Angry atheists are fun...